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HFPC has Disneyland on our mind!  Mickey Mouse and the gang don't know what's coming




Hear Ye Hear Ye!


Every year HFPC Club Members spend The Club's anniversary at The Texas Renaissance Festival.  This is an all expenses paid trip, and the goal is to have as much fun as humanly possible.  Of course we always bring a camera crew to capture all the insanity that takes place.


HFPC is back to the Ren Fest yet again, but this time a mystical genie was rubbed out of a lamp; where Nathaniel "Carlton" Fields' wishes don't exactly turn out the way he envisioned.  Plus one of the most insane incidents happen that actually caused HFPC to have the cops called on them, and then get banned for life from The Renaissance Festival in Houston!  Hazah!


In this Rendition, The HFPC President decided that he wanted to serve his country, but managed to blow himself up in the process.  As the Houston Film Production Club still finds a way to celebrate The Club's Anniversary at The Renaissance Festival, they run into Berry J. Gerry.  Berry thinks he's hosting his own show wherever he goes even equipment with a toy microphone.  Soon The Club gets their own microphones and then it's shows all around!

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The Ren Fest


Here ye, here ye!  Make way for the return of the Prince of Posh, Prince Gina!  Prince Gina returns with his gay, and I do mean gay, band of slaves.  Including his right hand slave, Promethius, and his gimpish bondage slave, Joshwa.  The pranking never ends, as we take it from the jousting area all the way to setting up The Renaissance Insulter to insult Jeffrey (a cerebral palsy victim).  Join us in this annual HFPC celebration!

In Back To The Ren Fest 3, HFPC held a Howard Stern original contest called "The Stuck on you Contest."  Our version has a little twist.  We selected two HFPC Members, Nathaniel "Carlton" Fields and Aaron Flores to be hand cuffed together for the entire Renaissance festival weekend.  The first one that wants out of the hand cuffs will lose, and the winner would recieve $500 cash.  The contestants try different tactics to get the other one to quite, such as jerking off underneath their pants in public, pooping ones pants, and gettting naked in the middle of The King's Feast!