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Winner Receives
1.) $50 cash card
2.) Medieval Skull Chalice


Please Fill out the Life Pool Form below, and put the names of six characters in the correct section, "Choose who lives" section, of who you think will live all the way to the end of the very last episode in Season 2.   After filling out the form, then submit your payment.  Do this by pressing the "Buy Now" button at the bottom of the form.  The pledge fee is $15, and the person that has the most life pool predictions correct at the end of the very last episode will win a $50 visa cash card and the Medieval Skull Chalice!

We will be tracking everyone's progress on our live show!  Our live show airs every Sunday night a new episode premieres at 10:00 pm (central Standard time) on youtube at (


Early Registration: $15

Late registration: $20 (starts on June 28th)

So register NOW before the fee goes up!


Thanks for submitting!

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