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The Houston Film Production Club was offered by a local camera crew to document their inner workings and the lives of The Club Members.  See what insanity unfolds and what happens to the wackiest people that were ever put infront of a camera.

It's once again Christmas time at The Houston Film Production Club, which can only mean more insane reality pranks Club Members get themselves into. This year Club Members don't have any family to spend Christmas Day with, so The HFPC President decides to throw a big Christmas Day feast for everyone. But he ends up being called to San Antonio last minute to visit his Uncle Peshi, where he gets stuck and has to race home to try and make it back in time for Christmas. While in San Antonio, Peter meets a free stylin, pot smokin, wookie costume wearin, Star Wars obsessed wigger that calls himself M.C. Bacca. Will Peter make it back in time for Christmas, or will he spend the most important time of year all alone? And let's just say love is in the air this Christmas for most HFPC Club Members!


(The song "Last Christmas" was an inspired remix from Wham - "Last Christmas")

Follow The Houston Film Production Club from their crazy Monthly Meeting, which turns into a scene right out of Good Fellas, to the craziest film pitches they ever recieved.  One being an indian self help masterbation video.  

In this epic special, The HFPC President gets into a bet with Father Oneal about who's car could beat who's in a race from The border of Mexico to Atlanta, George.  Many new people are met along the way, such as an illegal Mexican Immigrant running across the border, and a talkative gender neutral bike rider.  

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