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Christmas Themed Improv Tournament


It's time for The Improv Challenge 2!!!  After having a three year absence, Improv Challenge 2 will take place on Saturday December 2nd with all the Christmas bells, slays, and of course goofy christmas sweaters!  The Improv Challenge 2 is a tournament-style improv contest with different rounds of Christmas influenced improv games.  The judge's panel will determine which contestants will move on to the next rounds.  Once the contestants are down to only two, then the final championship round will encompass our host and a very special guest to play the last and final improv game with the final two.

Right before the host announces the winner of The Improv Challenge 2, there will be a goofy christmas sweater contest on stage.  And the winner of that will receive a $100 tab at Craft Republic (the venue of this event).  They have some of the very best bar food in Houston!!  The goofy Christmas Sweater Contest is for both the contestants and the viewers to participate in, so please wear your goofiest, craziest christmas sweater that weird old Uncle Leo use to have on while getting intoxicated trying to cut the Christmas turkey at dinner!  Then the judge's panel will crown The Improv Challenge Champion, who will receive The Improv Challenge Trophy and $600 CASH!!!!


Saturday December 2nd at 6:30pm (Check in time)


CRAFT REPUBLIC (11470 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX 77077)

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For all questions please call
(832) 274-3055


By registering, competing, buying tickets, or showing up to the event, HFPC's Improv Challenge, in any capacity, you agree to allow The Houston Film Production Club and all of its affiliates to film you and use your image and likeness for promotional content and for all content in general on all HFPC and it's affiliates' media material and websites.  Every individual mentioned above also acknowledges that The Houston Film Production Club and all of its affiliates are in no way responsible for any personal injuries, any personal items being damaged or stolen, or any other issues that are out of our control.

Refunds for registrations or tickets sold can not be given out under any circumstances, do to us reserving the limited spots available.

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