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"All enter the steel cage, and only one man leaves."


Early Registration: $23

Date & Time: Tuesday July 4th at 3:30 pm

Location: Beaver's (2310 Decatur St. Houston, TX 77007)


The No Holds Barbecue is HFPC's annual 4th of July Bash.  It features the never seen before BBQ eating contest that takes place within a steel cage.  The very best competitive eaters from all over the area come to compete for the most coveted title in all of competitve eating, THE NO HOLDS BARBECUE CHAMPION.  Competitors face off two at a time and enter the steel cage.  The first one to have all their food finished on the plate will win.  The winner will then advance to the next round.  The only rules are that the competitor must eat their own food and not spit or vomit the food out in any way. 

In earlier rounds contestants will have to eat the sides, which would consist of beans, rice, mashed potatoes, ect...  Then each future round will add another side until three sides are added.  Then the meat is added to the plates along with all the sides.

A referee is there to make sure no cheating is taking place and they will make all final decisions.  The referee will announce the winner.  And the winner will recieve The No Holds Barbecue Champion Trophy and a cash prize.  Only one man or woman can emerge from the steel cage as The No Holds Barbecue Champion!

Anyone is free to compete, but must register and pay the registration fee, which is $23.  Or just come for the spectacle and enjoy some good food, drinks, and good friends!

More announcements to come closer to the event!

The No Holds Steel Cage


The No Holds Barbecue Championship Belt of Jewels

(For the first time we have built a custom Championship belt.  The Belt consists of The No Holds Barbecue Logo in the middle, 3 shiny golden plates mount the front, and decorative jewels surround the plates.  



The greatest No Holds Barbecue Champion of all time.  He was the only person to have ever won The No Holds for the first three years, and then was defeated by the mighty Dustin Speyer in the very first round.  What will the future hold for this young competitive eater.

the hall of bbq



For questions concerning The No Holds Barbecue email us below

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