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It is NOW time for you to make your own memorable moment in filmmaking history and compete in the top tear of speed filmmaking!  This year HFPC is bringing back The Speed Filmmaking Contest for one last time on May 25th, so do not miss out on your opportunity.  This year film teams will have only seven hours to write, shoot, and edit an entire short film, and then have it screened on a large movie theater sized screen at the the end of the evening and in front of a live audience and a judge's panel.  The judge's panel will determine the winning film, and that film team will be crowned the very last SFC Champions in the history of the Contest!  The whole event will also be broadcasted live for the whole world to see the film that you come up with in only seven hours.


1.) The SFC Championship Rings (each winning Team member will receive one)

2.) $500 CASH 


You will be placed on a team the day of the competition.  When registering as an individual you can either select crew, on air talent, or both.  Then you will more than likely have a part in whatever you select in the production your team will produce.  You can also be placed on a team with a friend, just put the friend's name somewhere on the registration form below.


You are limited to 9 members on your team, but there is no minimum team member number requirement.  You must provide your own equipment, and you must provide a team name at the time you submit registration.

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-Every competitor must check in by 10:00 am or will be disqualified (or just 1 representative of a full team can check in)

-Each Team will draw a film genre, between Comedy, Drama, and Action

-Each Team will have to draw a theme that they will have to incoporate into their short film (which can be anything from "a stapler" to "A nightmare on Christmas Eve")

-Each Team will get 7 hours to produce the short film, and the film must be turned in by 6:30 pm on the dot (If you turn it in a second after 6:30 pm your team will be disqualified)

-The short films must have a minimum length of 6 minutes (not including credits)

-The short films must have NO copyrighted material used, unless the team can provide the licensed documents for the material ahead of the contest.

-The last rule is to have as much fun as you can making your memorable moment in film!

Check in Time: 10:00 am (Location is Avalon Square Apartments East Courtyard 2400 Westheimer road Houston, TX 77098)

Turn in your films & Screening: 7:00 pm (Location is River Oaks Elementary School, The outside Pavilion 2008 Kirby Drive Houston, TX 77019)


*There are two different locations*

Check in Location: Avalon Square Apartments (2400 Westheimer Road, east courtyard, Houston, TX 77098) - This is where your team will draw your genres and themes

Turn in your films/Screening location: River Oaks Elementary School, the outside Pavilion 2008 Kirby Drive Houston, TX 77019)


1.) Please register and fill out the form below as either an "Individual" (who will be placed on a team the day of the event) or a Full Team. 

2.) Then pay the registration fee by selecting the correct correlating "Buy Now"button below to what you registered as.

3.) If instructions are not followed completely, you will not be registered and may lose a spot in the contest.



Individual: $55

Full Team: $75


Individual: $65

Full Team: $85

*As a general rule, refunds will not be given back under any circumstances*

Registration Form

Thanks for submitting!


"Full Team"


PHONE NUMBER: (832) 274-3055

CONTACT EMAIL: Contact@HoustonFilmProductionClub

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By registering, competing, or showing up to the event, HFPC's Speed Filmmaking Contest, in any capacity, you agree to allow The Houston Film Production Club and all of its affiliates to film you and use your image and likeness for promotional content and for all content in general on all HFPC and it's affiliates' media material and websites.  Every individual mentioned above also acknowledges that The Houston Film Production Club and all of its affiliates are in no way responsible for any personal injuries, any personal items being damaged or stolen, or any other issues that are out of our control.

Refunds for registrations can not be given out under any circumstances, do to us reserving the limited spots available.

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