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The Holistic Chefs

IThe Holistic Chefs pull down the curtain of what we are really eating as a society, and show the world what true healthy eating is all about.  They provide the most undeniably healthy and delicious recipes that you can easily make at home.  You have complete control over your own health, and it's time to take responsibly for it!

IThe Holistic Chef Kayvan Taheri shows time constraint people tips and tricks on how to eat complete clean and healthy.  If you know what and how to do it, you can always eat clean and healthy no matter what situation you are in.  Then at the end of the episode, The Holistic Chefs do a little experiment to see if it is possible to put together a healthy meal in America's favorite fast food restaurants.

IOne of The Holistic Chefs, Kenton Alan, takes us on a journey about one of the most common foods in the world, chicken.  He interviews the owner of a true healhty meal company, The Dinner Dude.  The owner of The Dinner Dude gives us a cooking demo of his most popular chicken dish, chipotle chicken.  The Holistic Chef then gives his version of his most popular chicken dish, ginger chicken with brown rice.  

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