PROJECT "Back To The Ren Fest VIII"

Our Annual Celebration Production will be back this year in 2021.  We will see what unfolds in the long story line of The HFPC President finding his long lost love.  The Back to The Ren Fest productions have a documentary crew follow around and film HFPC during their annual celebration at The Renaissance Festival.  It's reality based and filled with reality pranks.  We have an open door policy to bring on more actors, if interested in auditioning, please email us at contact@HoustonFilmProductionClub.com

HFPC'S Movie Trivia Championship

For the very first time HFPC will be launching a battle for the crown of movie trivia!  This event is coming soon, so stay tuned for more details on how to register and compete!

DATE & TIME: Sometime in early September 



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